The Barbaric Barcelona Attack


In the recent barbaric Barcelona attack, a vehicle crashed into the crowd and killed dozens. The death toll has reached to 14 after one more woman, who was seriously injured, succumbed to death.

Although, an Islamic terrorist group has accepted responsibility of the attack, the major terrorist still remain at large. A minute of silence was observed at noon Friday in Catalonia Square in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the attack.  The Prime Minister reminded   the people of the fact that this attack and its victims will be remembered forever for fighting against worldwide terrorism.

This has been the second attack in the past few days, both in Spain and using a vehicle to crash into crowded places to target civilians. In both the attacks, people from different countries lost their lives. That included many women and policemen. Undoubtedly, it can be said that the main target of the attackers were civilians as the attack took place in a famous tourist boulevard. The police are still searching the major attackers. 5 terrorists have been killed so far. The police have also detained a few men for further investigation and interrogation so that the driver of that particular vehicle, which is involved in that attack, can be found. The police have been reported to say that the attacker involved in the Barcelona attack possesses no criminal record. The police claimed that the attack was planned a few months ago, in a small town near Barcelona.

The  better  side of the story is that the people, police, Prime Minister and other higher authorities  have came to a common page and that is to defeat terrorism. The locals feel that attacks on Spain have brought the Spanish and the world community closer and have elevated their determination to end to worldwide terrorism.

Undoubtedly, the solidarity of any country can only be judged by how fast they recover from tragedies. Unfortunate events do take place in all parts of the world. What matters is their ability to learn from them. Countries do not forget the Martyrs of such attacks and take revenge of their blood by fighting back to terrorism. Spanish are also thankful to the world media for recognising and bringing attention to this issue. The global audiences were reminded that world terrorism still remains a global issue that needs to be put to an end, once and for all.