Shakira Premiered the music video of her brand new single “Me Enamore”


Shakira launched the music video of her brand new Spanish single “Me Enamore” off her 11th studio album “El Dorado.” The Columbian pop star told the press about “El Dorado” release that it’s coming out on May 26th, 2017.

The love-filled catchy song “Me Enamore” is starring Gerard Pique who’s a superstar footballer of Barcelona Football Club. “El Dorado” is releasing via RCA and Sony Records.

Just two days after its release, “Me Enamore” is rocking the “On Trending” on YouTube at No. 8. Shakira is not only praised in the Spanish community but almost everywhere around the world because of her hits like “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Waka Waka” (Football World Cup Official Song). In just 2 days, the music video released via VEVO received over 13 million views.

You will see the 40-years-old Superstar having a joyful time with her boyfriend (Gerard Pique). Yes, the footballer appeared in the video as Shakira’s boyfriend. The video is choreographed in a way that you don’t see Pique fully: it’s just a hand or arm in the first half of the video. Maybe, it wasn’t actually him during the whole video until the very end. Maybe, the whole time the director showed us a Double.

Anyway, you will see the couple doing all those teenage things: throwing popcorns at each other – escaping the house through the window – he grabbing her ass while she’s climbing the stairs – throwing pillows at each other. They both seem so lively and happy at every moment.

Oh, and how can we miss the skydiving! Yes, both Shakira and Pique jumped off a plane wearing a parachute. No one can criticize Shakira’s wardrobe choice because it’s so perfect. She looked really hot and beautiful in the black outfit.

When we see people like Shakira, we come to agree that aging can’t stop you from living. You can be as fun as the teenagers and enjoy life to the fullest. You will see Shakira doing all those lovely things that every one of us dreams of doing in our honeymoon.

Right before the end, you will see Gerard Pique’s full face in a close-up. Finally, someone reminded the director to shoot Pique’s face when Shakira decided to tease Pique on the bed. A romantic music video for everyone in the summers! Let’s hope the rest of singles off her “El Dorado” album are as cool as “Me Enamore.”