Katy Perry’s “Bon Appetit” Music Video is out!


Katy Perry released new single “Bon Appetit” on April 28th, 2017 from her fifth studio album. “Bon Appetit” is a dance-pop track featuring American hip hop group Migos. So far, she has released two singles off her forthcoming fifth studio album.

Since the single came out, a lot of fans were talking about the lyrics and why Katy used sex metaphors involving food. “Got me spread like a buffet” didn’t make sense to the fans until the mystery revealed when she premiered the music video of “Bon Appetite” on May, 12th.

The high-budget music video got released via VEVO in which you will see a bunch of Chefs getting their tools ready for the day. They will enter a room where a girl is lying on a bed covering her with a thin-layered piece of cloth.

When they removed the sheet, you will find out that girl is actually Katy Perry wearing a nude swimming suit. The next moment, they will throw her down onto a wooden floor covered with flour.

Katy Perry is lying on the floor with her face facing the ground and getting her ass grabbed. Katy also tried to give some sexy face expression everytime chefs grab her ass.

After that, you will see Katy getting boiled in hot water and sausages. Looks like Katy is on the menu today! After boiling her up, the chefs lay her down on a big tray where they put different salads on her. She’s almost ready to present in front of customers.

It appears that customers are really sick and they literally want to eat her up. Chefs bring her out into the dining area in a platter on a big trolley (Just like you see in the big restaurants.) But, rather she gets eaten; she stands up and starts pole dancing. WTF!

Along with other customers, you will see Migos group sitting on the VIP tables. You will see them performing to their part of the song. Just a few moments before the end, you will see the chefs’ strap and blindfold the customers. It appears to be the “getting eaten” day not for Katy but for the sick customers of the restaurant.

Katy’s pole dance was just a distraction so other staff members can easily strap the customers. How Smart and cunning! She knew the customers wouldn’t even blink their eyes just to enjoy every moment of pole dancing.

“Bon Appetit” is one of the coolest music videos she has ever made. Good luck for the album beautiful!