8 Dubai Desert Safari MYTHS


The land of dreams, the land of wishes the land of lavishness, the land of vivacity and the land of light-Dubai beguiles travellers over the generation and form different cultures. Dubai no doubt exudes a vibe of exuberance and building full lights to outsiders. Like other country, United Arab Emirates requires you to work professional and hard, maybe even more than your own home country.

Dubai offers the Safari- a much attracted, loved and favourite pick for the tourists around the world. However, before you move rush into booking one such Dubai desert safari, here in this topic demystifying the 8 Dubai Desert Safari MYTHS for your interest.


  1. Dune Dashing Is Must:

Dune dashing is a risky and dangerous thing and no stable safari organizer would promise while no taking risk the health of travellers in the car and as well as the environment. Blame it on those action films and myths propounded by the visitors who have not really experienced an evening desert safari Dubai, this is falsity which you must stop believing.


  1. Best and Luxury Hotel:


This is one myth traveller must bust. While most of the hotels available have tie ups with safari organisers it is general thing that they will try to sell you the deals that have also their shares. So, it is good for you that you stop booking Dubai safaris hotel from out of the hotel desk. They never suggest or offer you the best hotel but only the bulk deals that come packed with visitors or crowds and are up for a quick sale.


  1. Safaris are Crowded always:


It is true that Dubai safaris are crowded always, this myth is as clear as daylight, because Safaris are in demand and visitors from around the globe wanted to visit this area. That’s why safaris are always crowded especially when you book with an average organiser or when visitor crack a last-minute deal. The perfect and ideal time for booking is, you book the safari tours early on to land and you choose best package as well as neglect the crowds. For Dubai safari trip the best time for booing is off season is best for the tourists.


  1. Camel Rides:


Camel rides are never long and no matter what anyone says about you or what your friends says, camel riding is very interesting and enjoyable camel riding is a myth associated with Dubai safari tours. Visitors like camel riding, therefore unless you book a camel ride package specifically, you will not get a small ride on camel back during a safari tour.


  1. Changing Upon Wildlife:


It can only be a joke of types if you chance upon never-ending wildlife amid the dunes on a Dubai safari trip. After all, it is strange or unnatural, well for those propagating the myth that safaris of Dubai let you see animals galore on the way, its mean that you have been imagining things.


  1. All Dubai Desert Safaris are alike:


If you desire to have the best and memorable experience of the Dubai desert safari, you must spend a king’s ransom for the same. If you wish to experience the Dubai safari desert, you must choose for the best deal package. If you choose for the normal Dubai desert safari package, you will not get the quality of Dubai desert Safari experience.


  1. Car gets stuck in the Sand:


Dubai desert sand is soft and can go or turn out to be inhospitable place for driving the vehicle. Getting your vehicle stuck up in sand is surely happen and it is charming part of adventurous Dubai desert safari and you get opportunity to watch your expert and professional guide when they easily and comfortably rescue vehicle from the sand when it gets stuck in the middle of the desert.


  1. Belly Dances Folk Dances and Tanura are must in Dubai Desert Safari:


Tanura and Belly dancing are the essential part of the Dubai desert safari. Although, these kinds of dances such as, Folk dances, Belly dances and Tanura dances does not have any history or any roots from the past of United Arab Emirates culture and this myth is spread only to distort travellers or visitors view about their local history and the culture of the UAE.