Top 5 Celebrity Leather Vests To Add To Improve Your Wardrobe


If you’re an avid TV show and movie fan, there’s no better way to put your passion on display than by wearing a hardcore leather vest that your favorite celebrity sported in your beloved movie or tv show. Live the fantasy yourself by wearing these celebrity leather vests made by high-quality pure (or faux, if you prefer) leather, and feel like you’re breathing in the show/movie you binge-watched till 2 am the night before. Your friends will be left awestruck when they see you in these grand celebrity leather vests, and you are guaranteed to stand out in the crowd when you have one of these on.

Below are the 4 most popular celebrity leather vests that will be worth every dime you spend on them:

  1. Sons Of Anarchy Samcro Motorcycle Leather Vest

If you are an admirer of the American crime-drama ‘Sons of Anarchy’, you must also love its protagonist, Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller, and by association, his badass leather vest that he wore up to Season 4 of the TV show, as the Vice President of the club. Charlie Hunnam (the actor who played Jax) bore this vest to perfection, and being a fan of the show, you must not let go of the chance to own this one of the hottest celebrity leather vests. With premium inner lining, stand-up style collar, and flap chest pockets, this will be a handy addition to your wardrobe.

  1. Batman Black Bane Leather Vest & Jacket

Tom Hardy’s Bane was so phenomenal in The Dark Knight Rises, thanks in part to his amazing costume. This leather jacket is part of that costume. But hold on, it’s not just a jacket. It’s a fully customizable piece of clothing that can not only be  converted into a  celebrity leather vests but also has removable sleeves, shoulder straps, structured lining, a zip enclosure on the front and is also customizable from side and back.  You can not be blamed for feeling like you can take on batman himself while sporting this vest.

  1. Avengers Hawkeye Men’s Brown Leather Vest

Jeremy Renner’s hawkeye was never expected to be so popular when the first Avengers movie was released. But his skills with the bow, his amicable character, and his great get-up all made him a favorite with the fans. This vest will look great on both dark and light coloured shirts, and its light weight and high quality faux leather make it a must-have for every Avengers fan. Get this celebrity leather vests now and be the Shield super-agent you always wanted to be.

  1. The Punisher Black Biker Leather Vest

When the second season of Daredevil premiered, the most anticipated debut of the year was of Jon Bernthal’s Punisher. This Black Leather Punisher Vest is inspired in part from the tv show and in part, from the famous Punisher 2004 movie. The characteristic Punsiher skull logo on the front gives it the uncompromising look all Punisher fans have learned to love. High-quality leather, superior stitching, and a stylish collar, combine to make it another perfect celebrity leather vests that will give you the aura and comfort you deserve.

  1. Warriors Brown Motorcycle Vintage Leather Vest For Men

Are you a fan of vintage outfits? Then you will love this Vintage Leather Vest. Inspired by the Hollywood movie “The Warriors” starring Michael Beck, James Remar, Dorsey Wright, Deborah Van Valkenburgh and David Patrick Kelly. It was an amazing movie and it was loved by the critics. This vintage leather vest is from that awesome movie. Made with high quality leather material, it has two side pockets and a front enclosure. It is available in brown color and a perfect vintage motorcycle celebrity leather vest to have.