You read it! Kendall Jenner posted a photo of her on Instagram posing in front of a mirror while she’s wearing blue jeans and waist-high bizarre boots. Okay, she did go topless but she had to hide the most fun parts using her crossed arms. The best thing about this photo is that it would never get old. She is totally gorgeous.

It all happened on the 29th April, when she posted a photo of her on Instagram that got viral in the first few hours. Kendall is looking herself in the mirror wearing the unique accessories she never tried before. The grey-colored hat looked really good on Kendall.

Kendall is one of those actresses who keep up with the latest of trends and fashion. Moreover, she has a distinct style from others. We can call her the Kardashian sibling based on the passion for fashion and attention seeking. Just Kidding!

If we look at the wardrobe, it really feels like she’s posing as a super cowgirl. She did caption the photo as, “Playing Dress Up.” It’s still a mystery what she was dressing up as. Let’s hope she tells the fans about that through Instagram post or something.

Apart of going topless, her wardrobe choice will be criticized by many people. But, we really love you and keep doing so. It’s Alright to try new things and take your chances. After all, she’s just 21 years old.

Go-Topless got another member in the team. One of the most famous celebrities went topless for the same cause or it was just a publicity stunt? Who knows! We can’t really say anything about it for now. Let’s hope for some update coming from Kendall in the coming days.

All those ladies who went topless, Kendall has the “most of the back” as the rest of them. You know what we are talking about! Anyway, who else you would want to go topless? Any other hottie from Hollywood or your favorite super model? Could be anyone! Share your precious feedback in the comments below.