Chelsea is the champion of the English Premier League this year


Chelsea is rocking the English Premier League at No. 1 spot. 2017 turned out to be one of the successful years for Chelsea in the history of English Premier League. Though, the team can turn this year into a fantastic one by winning the FA Cup.

Antonio Conte, Chelsea Manager is already preparing his team to win the upcoming big title on 27th May 2017. It’s the 6th English Premier title Blues has won so far. They still have two more games to play but they have secured the champion’s title with their 1 – 0 victory at West Brom.

Conte turned out to be one of the smartest Managers Chelsea has got. He joined the club at the end of Euro Cup 2016 – the team which was at No. 8 – losing their first match against the former champions Manchester City.

Conte led the team and astonished the whole football community through the 13-match winning streak and taking Chelsea to No. 1 with a huge difference of 10 points from their nearest challenger.

Conte has complete confidence in the team since they performed so professionally in the previous games and worked hard to make their way to the top. Conte now craves for the FA Cup title. Chelsea will face Arsenal in the final of the FA Cup.

Chelsea, the team which ended the previous season of English Premier League at No. 10 is the champion this year. Antonio Conte introduced a new system of video tutorials and showing the mistakes and flaws of different players in their gameplay. The team players also believed his ideas and philosophies and followed his instructions. Well, their hard work definitely paid off!

He cut his lip as a result of his joyful exuberance when Batshuayi scored a late goal in the last match. He was telling the press in his post-match news conference that all the players had showered beer on his suit while celebrating their victory in this season.

The post-match news conference abruptly ended when the players David Luiz and Diego Costa arrived on the stage and ushered Conte away for the title celebrations.

All the football maniacs especially the Chelsea fans are waiting for the big match against Arsenal in the final of the FA Cup. Not only the team, but fans are also celebrating the victorious ending of English Premier League for the club. They also seem very hopeful that Chelsea will win the next big match and write a new history.