Steve Bannon Resigns


USA faces a turbulent term due to the protests in Virginia and difficult position with Korea. Another happening reported at the White House, is the resignation of Steve Bannon as the strategist of President Donald Trump. Steve has been in Limelight since he joined Donald Trump’s election campaign. Steve Bannon has been in the news for challenging the decisions at White House. Steve Bannon possesses a distinct ideology.

Since the first day he held his post, Steve Bannon felt that Donald Trump should be made more presidential and that his behaviour at public appearances was totally justifiable. Other members of White House claim that Steve Bannon’ s opinions conflicted with the opinions of important personnel  at White House.

Different media groups have presented different reasons for Steve Bannon’s resignation. While some claimed that the departure was decided by Kelly, others say that Bannon resigned because he felt that his opinion clashed with those of others at White House.  Whatever the reason might be, this truly depicts that the White House is facing a turbulent term while dealing the current issues. The White House sources have claimed to bid and polite farewell to Steve.

Reports about Steve Bannon’s departure may vary. What needs to be stressed at this point is that White House needs to come together to face the chaotic position. White House needs to focus on better decision making to eliminate the recent threats to USA. Whatever might be the reason of Stephen Brannon’s departure, at this point in time, the Americans expect to see a more united and integrated White House. It is expected that political differences would be kept aside and issues that concern and relate to USA’s integrity would be dealt with care.

One of the major reasons of Steve Bannon’s resignation is considered to be Kelly’s attempt to bring discipline to White House.  Kelly felt that considering the recent Virginia protests, it is the need of time that the White house functions in a   disciplined manner to make timely and wise decisions. A major hurdle on his way was Steve Bannon’s opposition.

Steve Bannon has the advantage of knowing the workings of Donald trump’s government. It is hoped that Steve Bannon will not seek Revenge or gear up animosity against the authorities.  Strategists like Steve Bannon are expected to behave politically and work for America’s betterment rather than their personal issues.