Pink destroys Donald Trump with her new music video!


The American solo artist, Pink just released the official music video for her track “What About Us”. This track is a part of her new album Beautiful Trauma. In this video, it is apparent and obvious enough for all to see in plain sight that Pink feels no qualms and hesitation whatsoever to publicly profess her political views.


Pink, given the name of Alecia Beth Moor at the event of her birth, is not just a singer and songwriter of American origin through and through, but she is also a very talented dancer in addition to being an actress. She was born in the year 1979 on the 8th of September. Pink is a widely successful solo artist in not just the American music industry, but she is also global recognized. She has proved her worth time and time over again. And this time, just like the rest, she has not disappointed.


Her new music video for the song “What About Us” has been directed by the lovely Georgia Hudson and further choreographed by the unparalleled Golden boyz. In her music video, the track which is a part of her latest album Beautiful Trauma, Pink voices her opinion and take on the political agenda of the present times. She has taken great pains to demonstrate to the viewers who will be suffering the injustices of the current president, standing next to immigrants and other minorities residing in America. As expected of her, she has not failed to throw shade by highlighting the hypocrisy of the police in her video as well. You cannot just expect Pink to not throw in a little attitude into the whole mix with a pinch of salt. This video has already gained tons of views on the Internet. In addition to this, Pink will also be receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the close end of this month.

Pink released her very first solo debut album “Can’t Take Me” in the year 2000. Not surprisingly, it secured two top ranks in the Billboard Hot 100 as well as a double platinum honor within the United States. Later her hit song “Lady Marmalade” took her to whole new heights. This track won her first ever Grammy Award and remained number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Top Ten.

In the following year of 2001, her second album Misunderstood rocked the music addicts off their feet and selling more than a total of 12 million copies across the whole world.

It is obvious Pink feels very strongly about the ongoing political situation of the country and does not back out at all from expressing her opinion and holding her front.