Lost diamond ring turns up on a farm grown carrot of all things!


For your daily dose of light and infectiously merry news, here is something that is guaranteed to give you a good laugh about. As bizarre and astonishing as it may sound, a woman found her lost engagement right after many years on a carrot. How very strange!

Ever lost something and looked for it to hell and back, wishing for it to be back? While this may start off as just another sob story, it does not end like one. For starters, it has a happy ending! What more could you want? Think about how overcome of joy you get when you find something precious you believed was lost to you forever, and then relate to this.

The news sets background in Canada, where Mary Grams, who is now eighty four years old, resides. Mary Grams says to have lost her engagement diamond ring back in the year of 2004. She seems to be just as surprised as the rest of us on this matter. Here is what really took place. Almost thirteen years ago from today, Mary found her cherished and very much precious engagement ring missing. After a lot of effort spent into looking for it, followed by a brief period of mourning afterwards (obviously), she gave up on the hunt, believing to her very core that it was gone, never to come back to her. But who knew it would after more than a decade of time passed? At least she did not!

Mary, who resides in Camrose today, was the proud owner of one beautiful diamond ring since 1951 after her husband Norman proposed to her. However, she lost it later in the September of 2004. She says she never told her husband that she lost it. In fact, except for her son, no one had even the slightest inkling as to where the ring was since Mary was quick and sharp enough to get herself a rather cheap replacement ring in order to avoid a drawn up hearing from her husband. We call all relate!

The carrot bearing the ring was found back on their farm in Armena, Atla, by Colleen Daley, the wife to Mary’s son. After Colleen showed the ring to her husband, he easily recognized it as one of his mother’s most treasured possessions. The carrot actually grew right around the ring. One funny looking carrot, indeed! Sadly, Mary’s beloved husband Norman passed away almost five years ago, a few weeks after they celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversaries together. Mary wishes how her husband was here at this moment. She believes he would have found great humor and jest in the whole story because that is just the kind of man he was.

The bizarre thing is that the ring still fits Mary. No trouble there at all! This is not the first time, however, that lost jeweler turned out on farm vegetables and fruits. Take the Spanish woman who found hers in a similar manner, for instance. Nevertheless, this one is not any less exciting than the others.