Brexit Position Papers Are Coming!


Brexit department has been reported to say that it is going to issue the Brexit position papers, this week. After the divorce from the European Union, UK will now put forward its stance on the regulation of goods and data protection.

Economic agents, civilians, governments and world media are waiting anxiously to know the British stance and future policy after the divorce from the European Union bloc. Britain wishes to put forward future customs regulations while maintaining cordial relations with the world community.

Britain claimed that it is going to share future prospects about trading with the European Union countries. The position paper that that the Brexit department is going to issue will serve as the basis for any future negotiations. UK officials have said that they want to make further advancements regarding the divorce issues so that the future relationships with foreign countries can be determined. UK wants to get over with the divorce proceedings as soon as possible so that new relationships can be established with the countries and trade links can be developed accordingly.

British ministers and Brexit  department claims that the advancement regarding this divorce and talks to be held regarding the future relationships have progressed slowly because  UK and other countries needed time to determine the rights of citizens after leaving EU and also the border issues with Ireland.

Final decisions about the divorce can only be made once the border issues with Ireland are solved. The Ireland issue needs to be solved very carefully. Another reason that the Brexitissue is so much awaited is because of the Ireland border issue.

The world community is very interested to know how Britain would  deal with it and what the result is going to be.

On the other hand, EU has claimed that progress on the Brexit issue has been slow because Britain has not been clear on its stance of how it wants to proceed further. UK still needs to sort out, decide and negotiate many clauses and that is why the talks have been much slower than they should have been or then they were planned to be. To eradicate and revoke this accusation, Britain has finally come up with the position paper to serve as the basis of talks. Britain claims that it has made slow progress in the talks because they felt the need of a position paper. Britain is concerned that it does not want the British goods to face a difficult position in the market and passing through many security checks as soon as the as soon as Britain’s divorces from EU. It wants to have a systematic documentation before the divorce issue is finalised.