Charlottesville Violence: Another White Supremacy Attack in the United States


On August 12th, only last week, a terror hit the town of Charlottesville, spewed from the seeds of hate and racism. In an ‘anti-racism’ rally last Saturday, a car very much deliberately crashed into the counter protestors, killing one and injuring many others.


Heavily organized by Jason Kessler, on the 12th of August, a rally was held in Charlottesville by the “Unite the Right” association. The primary objective was to protest against the actions being taken to remove Confederate statues around the city. One in particular, that if the Confederate General Robert E. Lee was set to be removed to the grave displeasure of the white supremacists. However, an equally large and vocal rally took place to oppose this, the protestors voicing lessons of peace and love of all. With the clash of two huge protests ever witnessed by the university twin of Charlottesville, the entire city was put on high alert by the local police department and other authorities.


Charlottesville, a university town hosting some forty six thousand people, is located in the state of Virginia in the United States. This is not the first time this town of Virginia witnessed events and protests of vocal white supremacy and racism. Unfortunately, this one was the gravest of all. A little before the clock struck 2 in the afternoon that Saturday, an over speeding Dodge Challenger crashed and ploughed into the opposite anti-hate protestors out on the street. While the car immediately fled the scene, evident arrests were made the very same day by the police in response to the terror attack.


James Alex Fields Jr., a twenty year old, was arrested and identified as the driver of the car in question. It has been reported through a confirmed source that the guilty has been charges with not just second degree murder, but also 2 counts of injury as well as 1 count of hit and run. While the mother seems to be horrified and aghast over her son’s actions, he is not going to get off easy now.


Furthermore, it has been reported that about thirty five people were injured in the rally that day. The over speeding car’s driver not just injured a few, but his actions also resulted in the death of one innocent. Identifies as 32 year old Heather Heyer, who could not sustain her injuries in the hospital, the family stands strong, voicing how she passed away doing what she strongly believed in. In response, a ‘Moment of Unity’ candle ceremony was arranged to honor her memory.

While many renowned public and political personalities, including the former president of the United States Barack Obama and Senetor Bernie Sandors publicly condemned the violence, Senetor Cory Gardener has declared it as an act of “domestic violence”. President Donald Trump too has condemned the sad incident.