Donald J. Trump Speech on competing his 100 days at White House

Donald J. Trump 100 days

Donald J. Trump’s first 100 days are over at the White House. He expressed his complete trust on the progress of White House to keep his promise. Donald J. Trump promised to transfer power to the American Nation.

The White House took reasonable measures to ensure that power is being transferred to the people, He added. He mentioned the poor policies previous government adopted and ensured to bring jobs back to the country. He talked about the mass offshoring of American job and how it is vanishing employment from the United States.

When it comes to bashing the established media, no president of United States has ever been as blunt and outspoken as Donald. J Trump. The media running by the establishment will never break the positive things done during my presidency, he added.

Donald J. Trump informed the nation that White House is open for everyone including police officers, veterans, labor leaders, Democrats, factory owners, Republicans, and others. It appears that Donald J. Trump is on the way to win the nation’s hearts and turn out to be one of the successful presidents in the United States history or his claims aren’t true.

Although, there is negative propaganda going on to throw hurdles in the nation’s progress but Donald J. Trump is dedicated to bring back jobs in the United States and work for the people. He also ordered to terminate the Trans-Pacific Partnership – a pact signed between 12 nations.  According to Donald J. Trump, this pact was the reason of mass offshoring and millions of more jobs will go outside the country if it wasn’t terminated.

Donald J. Trump added that during his presidential 100 days, he has taken serious steps to ensure the production of aluminum and steel in America. A lot of contracts went to the foreign bidders because government agencies never trusted the American companies. If the American companies get the government contracts, a lot of American people will get jobs.

He also revealed that almost 33 percent of the jobs have been offshored in the past twenty-three years since the American Free Trade Agreement was signed. He is already in negotiation with American Free Trade Agreement to lessen the number of jobs going abroad.

According to the White House economic agenda during Donald J. Trump presidency, Veteran’s Choice Legislation law allowed 42 percent of American Veterans to visit a doctor of their choice. To keep it all transparent, all the data is available in the Veterans Affairs health system online. There is also a check on the Veterans affairs health system by the Veterans Affairs Office of Accountability.

Talking about actions taken on energy, he informed about the cancellation of restriction on the production of natural gas, oil, and coal. Donald Trump ended his speech with the statement that White House is again the house of the People. He will do everything to become the People’s President. He thanked the incredible citizens and Veterans of United States who call the USA their God-blessed homeland. Donald J. Trump will do everything to make things better for the nation.